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115. Marisa Ewing | Sound, music composition, and crafting audio for media

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Hi there,

Today I am excited to be arts calling audio creative extraordinaire and composer Marisa Ewing! (

About our guest:

Marisa Ewing is a dialogue editor, sound designer, and mixing/mastering engineer based in Chicago, IL. She has edited audio for podcasts, film, and video games, and is the creator of the horror audio drama “Liars & Leeches.” In 2020, Marisa founded Hemlock Creek Productions, a production company focused on editing needs for remote productions. Since then, Hemlock Creek has worked on dozens of projects, and is now branching out into creating original productions. Some of Marisa’s past projects include the video game “The Last of Us Part 1,” as well as the fiction podcasts “Maxine Miles” and “Dark Dice.” She also worked previously as a composer, writing music ranging from modern orchestral pieces to 8-bit audio, frequently adding sound effects to her pieces.

Listen to Liars and Leeches, an original drama from Hemlock Creek Productions!!

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Thanks for this amazing conversation, Marisa! All the best!

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