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Ep 90 Shahab Zargari and Mo Milan | New Oddities Album Discussion

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Hi there,

Today I am excited to be arts calling Shahab Zargari ( and Mo Milan ( to discuss Shahab’s album, AI, and the collaborative process!

New Oddities now available here:

About the New Oddities Album:

Shahab Zargari has been sampling and remixing music since the start of his band Kill the Scientist in 1989 when he was still pretty young. The album New Oddities, technically his debut solo album as all past releases were done with band names and monikers, builds upon his years of experience with digital and analog technology. Utilizing artificial intelligence-created music stems, this album looks to the future of the world and humanity and music production, but it also simultaneously looks to the past by utilizing human touches, poems from the 1800s, punk song lyrics from the 80s, 90s choirs newscast samples, and even sonification sounds from the Black Hole in the Perseus galaxy cluster (sounds are from billions of years ago)! The song styles vary from electronic to R&B to digital pop and punk rock, but the futuristic world-building makes it all fit together somehow. “The album uses artificial intelligence as a backing band or studio band. They came in. I tell them what I want, they “jam” and we go back and forth until the foundation of a song materializes,” says Shahab of New Oddities, “we use those on the spot jams as the bare-bones start of a song and then regular old humans put layers upon layers of vocals, samples, instrumentation on top to create a sci-fi trip through the cosmos. Think KLF’s Chill Out, but in outer space instead of the American Southwest.

About our Guests:

Shahab Zargari is an award-winning filmmaker, music lover, author and entrepreneur. Mo Milan is a synthpop artist, composes, and producer from Las Vegas, NV/Dallas, TX.

Thank you both so much for taking the time to discuss New Oddities! All the best!!

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