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138. C.M. Crockford | Birdsongs, farewell to punk, and responding with resilience

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Hi there,

Today I am so excited to be arts calling writer and editor C.M. Crockford! (

About our guest: C.M. Crockford is the author of the full-length collection Birdsongs (Alien Buddha Press, 2024) as well as two chapbooks, Mark The Place (Thirty West Publishing, 2020) and Adore (Iron Lung Press, 2018). His essays, poetry, and fiction have been featured in The Cleveland Review of Books, Abducted Cow Magazine, CineSPEAK Journal, Vastarien, Serotonin Poetry, and Vast Chasm Magazine among many others. He also co-hosted The Barn: A Podcast About The Shield alongside Mason Maguire. Otherwise, Crockford reads crime fiction, collects punk badges and stim toys, and lives in Philadelphia with his cat Wally.


BIRDSONGS, now available from Alien Buddha Press:


“Birdsongs: Poems 2020-2023” by C.M. Crockford is a mesmerizing collection that transcends the boundaries of language to immerse readers in a kaleidoscope of emotions. Crockford’s evocative verses paint vibrant landscapes where desire, resilience, and nostalgia take flight like free-spirited birds. From the raw intensity of “Animal” to the reflective echoes of “Winter’s Visit,” this book invites you on a poetic journey through the intricate melodies of life. With each poem, Crockford unveils a world where nature, love, and societal reflections blend seamlessly, creating a symphony of words that resonate long after the final verse. “Birdsongs” is an enchanting testament to the power of poetry, capturing the essence of existence with a grace that is both timeless and profoundly relevant.

In Birdsongs, C.M. Crockford gives us poems that take flight—but expect turbulence. This collection soars through sweaty basements, punk bars, and the harsh realities of contemporary life. With accessible language and animalistic passion, readers will find that these poems “hum hungry energy” and trill with biting candor.

—Adam Gianforcaro, author of Every Living Day (Thirty West Publishing House, 2023)

Thanks for this wonderful conversation, C.M.! All the best!

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