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129. Kamal X | Black Astronaut, photography, and capturing American turmoil

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Hi there,

Today I am excited to be arts calling photographer Kamal X!! (

About Kamal, in his own words:

I am Kamal X, a professional photographer who has been documenting my travels throughout the world since 2015. Photography found me at a time in my life when I felt confused and voiceless. I wasn’t sure of where I was internally and what direction I wanted my life to go. I welcomed my challenges and I found myself drawn to creating images that evoke emotions rooted in the many universal elements of the human experience. My goal is to tell stories from all walks of life and give a raw voice to the world we live in, through compassion and honesty.

BLACK ASTRONAUT, now available for purchase here:



Join award-winning photographer Kamal X on his epic search for beauty through a divided America. Black Astronaut is an extraordinary collection of powerful images that tell the stories of the everyday people behind the sensationalized headlines, a nuanced representation of the new Black America. Living, loving, and fighting for a better world in difficult times. Open your heart to this electrifying collection of images, as Kamal X uses his camera to explore America after George Floyd, Covid-19, and Trump by finding beauty, humanity, and hope in the rage of a people under fire. Black Astronaut serves as a raw opportunity to re-evaluate one’s own intersection with the ongoing shifts in society that bring renewed threats to communities against a background framed by the unequal impact of economic volatility. This book is about looking at the recent past to try to find a direction for the near future.

Thanks for this wonderful conversation, Kamal! All the best!

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