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108. Rosemary Richings | Freelance writing, living with Dyspraxia, and Stumbling through Space and Time

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Hi there,

Today I am so excited to be arts calling Rosemary Richings! (

About our Guest: Rosemary Richings is a writer, editor, and public speaker specialising in disability and neurodiversity-related subject matter and the author of Stumbling Through Space and Time: Living Life With Dyspraxia. Rosemary’s writing has been featured in Travel + Leisure, Broken Pencil Magazine, Happiful Magazine, and a long list of other print and digital publications. She has also done writing and editing work for organizations such as E-bay, Lexxic, Uptimize, Lokafy, and Yellowpages Canada. Past public speaking engagements include Reach PLC and Delinian’s disability education program. Rosemary is on the board of trustees of Dyspraxic Me, a charity for dyspraxic young adults.


Stumbling Through Space and Time: Living Life With Dyspraxia, now available!

Twitter: @rosiemay_r

Thanks for this wonderful conversation Rosemary! All the best!

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