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Ep 98 Audra Kerr Brown | Flash fiction, family, and emotional horror

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Hi there,

Today I am thrilled to be arts calling Audra Kerr Brown! (

Audra Kerr Brown lives with her husband and two children at the end of a dirt road in Iowa. Her work has appeared in the Best Small Fictions (2018, 2021 editions) and Wigleaf’s Top 50 Very Short Fiction List. Former managing editor of New Flash Fiction Review, she is now the founding creator and archivist of the (sometimes) YouTube channel, The Flashtronauts! which “explores the ever-expanding universe of Flash Fiction.” Her flash chapbook, hush hush hush, is available at Harbor Editions.

hush hush hush now available!

Audra on Twitter:

“Keep at it. Keep turning your wheels. That is success.”

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