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Ep. 67 Leslie Absher | Spy Daughter, Queer Girl: A memoir of secrets, family, and truth

Hi there,

Today I am elated to be arts calling Leslie Absher!

About our Guest:
Leslie Absher is a journalist and essayist. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Independent, Salon, Huffington Post, Ms., Greek Reporter, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Her father joined the CIA before she was born. When she was a baby, her family moved to Athens, Greece. Just in time for a coup. She spent years trying to learn what her Cold War father’s role was in that event. Her memoir Spy Daughter, Queer Girl is about growing up with a spy and the cost of keeping secrets.

She received a master’s in education from Harvard, taught G.E.D. to high school dropouts, and currently teaches writing and study skills to middle school and high school students. She lives in Oakland with her comic book writer/lawyer wife.
Twitter: @LeslieAbsher

Spy Daughter, Queer Girl: In Search of Truth and Acceptance in a Family of Secrets
Available here:

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