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Ep. 55 Denise Cruz-Castino | Screenwriting, advertising, and co-writing

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Welcome to CRUZFEST: Today I am thrilled to be arts calling Denise Cruz-Castino!

About our guest:
Denise Cruz-Castino graduated from UCLA, had a successful advertising writing career, and has turned that into a screenwriting career. Her first feature produced 5 Weddings premiered at Cannes in 2018, opened in 52 countries worldwide, co-stars Bo Derek and Candy Clark and was produced by Uniglobe Entertainment. She’s currently working on a feature comedy with Josephson Entertainment and has Miranda Bailey attached as director. She recently had several children’s horror animation shorts produced by DreamworksTV Youtube channel for their Spine Chilling Stories. She has sold a live-action short to Disney, had a horror short produced by Raving Eejit Entertainment, and her short, Things Look Grim, was produced by Sasha Golberg. She and her writing partner Johnny Harrington have several other projects they’re pitching like their WW2 drama and several sitcoms. Her blog that helps newbie screenwriters, screenwriterwriting.blogspot, was named Website of the Week by Script Magazine. Her scripts have placed in Final Draft Big Break, Fade-In Screenwriting and Nicholl Fellowship contests.


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