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Ep. 21 Joseph Lezza | Advertising voices, lyrical confessions, and the Costco Box

Hi there,

Today I’m thrilled to be arts calling Joseph Lezza!

Joseph Lezza is a writer in New York, NY. Holding an MFA in creative writing from The University of Texas at El Paso, his work has been featured in, among others, The Hopper, Stoneboat Literary Journal, Still: The Journal, West Trade Review, and Santa Fe Writers Project. His debut memoir in essays, “I’m Never Fine,” is due out February 2023 from Vine Leaves Press. When he’s not writing, he spends his time worrying about why he’s not writing. His website is and you can find him on the socials.

Twitter: @lezzdoothis

Recent publications:

Death, the Moon & Dry-Rubbed Steak – Still: The Journal…

Wading Toward Willamette – The Hopper (nominated for the 2020 Best of the Net Anthology)…

The Space Between the Tenses – Stoneboat Literary Journal…

Little Murders – Cleaning Up Glitter

The Simple Guide to Redefinition in Oslo, Norway – Fearsome Critters (page 150)

Joseph’s first book, a collection of essays entitled I’m Never Fine, is due out February 2023 from Vine Leaves Press.

Thank you for stopping by, Joseph!

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Make art. Much love,