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Ep. 18 Paul Myles Zambrano | Film scoring, indie collabs, and fulfilling the musical path

Hi there,

Today I am Arts Calling Paul Myles Zambrano!

About my guest:
With a stylistic versatility ranging from hybrid soundscapes to Old Hollywood, Bernard Herrmann inspired scores, Paul Zambrano’s versatility and range makes him constantly in demand to content creators of all kinds.

Since his departure from South Florida, Paul has composed the score to a number of indie films, including Binlowes’ Locker (Dir. Andrew James Mitchell), The Only Way (Dir. Mike Coleman), Timmy’s Playdate (Dir. Rudi Silva), Take Care of Emily (Dir. Nick Rapuano), which is currently experiencing a successful festival run, Life (Dir. Johanna Nystroem), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, and, of course Slipping into Darkness (Dir. Alex Ferrufino), which is currently on all HBO platforms. In 2018, Paul won Best Score for his work on The Only Way at the Los Angeles CineFest, and was nominated for Best Score at the Focus International Film Festival for his work on Slipping Into Darkness.

Paul also has released several soundtracks on major streaming platforms, as well as two solo albums. He is also writing for Gothic Storm Music, and Elephant Music, two major music publishers. Along with his writing partner, Ennio Tangocci, the duo are launching a music production house called Age of Symphony, aimed to provide music film TV, film, and advertisements. Currently, Paul is set to release his third independent studio album, titled Death is Beautiful, a concept album with a fictional backstory touching on the subjects of depression, love, anxiety, addiction, and, of course, death.

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Thanks for coming on the show, Paul! All the best on your creative endeavors!

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