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Ep. 15 A.J. Ross | Familiar Monsters, making indie web comics, and Wyoming origin stories

Hi all,

I’m continuing this end of year sprint by Arts Calling my wonderfully talented friend A.J. Ross! So happy to catch up, have a few laughs, and learn how she is crafting the world of her web comic, Familiar Monsters!

A few words from the author:

My name is A.J. Ross, I am the author and illustrator of Familiar Monsters.

Familiar Monsters is about two childhood friends, torn apart by a werewolf attack. Garrick, an outgoing aspiring musician, is taken and turned by the werewolves. Jon, a pained, loyal friend, takes up with a monster hunter thinking his best friend is dead, becoming a deadly hunter himself. They are accidentally reunited years later when the werewolf Jon is hunting turns out to be his long lost friend. Now they must learn to live with each other, and who they have both become. Navigating through lies, abuse, hidden loves, curses, monsters, and daily life, Jon and Gare hold on the the only thing that they ever had. Each other.

Instagram: @fullmoongarrick

Thanks for stopping by to share your insights and awesomeness, A.J.!

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Make art. Much love,


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