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Ep. 7 Dane Halvorson | Sandbox mentality, musical collaboration, and a strong dose of laughter

Hi there,

Today I am arts calling one of my best friends and supremely talented collaborator: Dane Halvorson! We recollect the many lessons of learning our craft together. We also discuss the importance of the sandbox mentality when starting out, his time with Second City, and his creative journey as a performer and composer.

About Dane:
Born and raised in Montana, Dane began practicing piano and studying music from a very young age. His career as a piano player took off in Chicago after graduating from the Chicago College of Performing Arts. He toured all over the country as a Musical Director with The Second City and it included long term projects with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and various corporate events.

Dane is currently based out of Los Angeles and looks forward to working with you on your next project! Stop by for recent samples and more information!

*In order to maintain street cred, I must make a correction: The Schwarzenegger Epic Handshake Meme moment is from the most excellent film, Predator. I had a momentary lapse due to excitement.

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