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Ep. 4 Alvaro Saar Rios | Inspired stage adaptations and writing wisdom with playwright

Hi there,

This is Jaime Alejandro and today I am arts calling playwright Alvaro Saar Rios to talk about his origin story, creative process, and so much more!!

Alvaro Saar Rios is a Texican playwright living in Chicago. His plays have been performed in New York City, Mexico City, Hawaii, Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee and all over Texas. He has received playwriting commissions from various organizations, including the Kennedy Center, Chicago Children’s Theatre, First Stage, Houston Grand Opera, Honolulu Theatre for Youth, Purple Rose Theatre Company, Houston Community College, Zoological Society of Milwaukee and The Rose Theater. Rios’ award-winning play Luchadora! is published by Dramatic Publishing. Other plays include On the Wings of a Mariposa, The History of Mexicans in 10 Minutes, The Day the Music Came Back and Carmela Full of Wishes. He holds an M.F.A. in writing for the stage and screen from Northwestern University. Rios is a resident playwright at Chicago Dramatists and playwright-in-residence at Milwaukee’s First Stage. He is also a proud veteran of the U.S. Army and an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Alvaro is currently adapting Matt de la Peña’s bestseller Carmela Full of Wishes for the stage. It will premiere in Omaha, Nebraska in January 2022 and in Chicago in April 2022. Visit for more information. Follow him on Twitter @realCrazyMex!

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