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Ep. 3 Becca Diamond | When voice acting and musical theatre collide

Hi there!

Today I am arts calling my friend Becca Diamond. We discuss what life is like for a working voice actor, a creative’s work ethic, an origin story of Disney movies, and much more!

Becca Diamond is a voice actor living in Los Angeles. Becca has a BFA in theatre performance and can be heard on the Off-Broadway soundtrack Puffs: Or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic. Since moving to LA she has been fortunate enough to work on all sorts of shows and projects some of which include: Animal Actors, a stage show working with live animals at Universal Studios Hollywood, two different podcasts on the Parcast Network and most recently she has done four shows on Club House. Other credits include VO for companies such as Netflix, WebMD, Plus Products, United Healthcare and most recently as Shirai in the anime TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls on Funimation!

Becca’s sharing her voice work adventures on IG and TikTok!
Instagram @shinebrightbeccadiamond/
TikTok @becca_vo

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