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Ep. 2 Ahren Buhmann | Rules are a lie, making theatre, and WY origins

Hey there!

Today I am Arts Calling an outstanding creative and one of my best friends: Ahren Buhmann. Ahren is a theatre maker, video designer, and musician based in Seattle. He is currently a Level 3 Deep Gnome Artificer.

Ahren and I discuss the challenges of becoming creatives in a small Wyoming town, Ahren’s path into professional theatre, and why we every person and every community needs the arts in their life. Yes, we do talk about why rules in creativity are a lie. A few takeaways my friend gifted me:

  • No matter your craft, it’s about learning your toolset, and how those tools work, and implement in an efficient, yet experimental way.
  • Also, if you can, go see a theatre production. Support your local theatres.

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Make art. Much love,