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116. Bill Blume | West of Apocalypse: Sci-fi and beyond, family life, and indie publishing

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Hi there,

Today I am excited to be arts calling the exceptional novelist Bill Blume! {}

About our guest:

Bill Blume’s love for the written word started back in high school with an addiction to comic books that was later hijacked by novels such as Frankenstein and Dragonflight. The first book in his young adult, vampire hunter series, Gidion’s Hunt, was published back in 2013. His short stories have appeared in many anthologies and were published in 2015 by Diversion Books in his collection The Deadlands and Other Stories. Just like the father figure in his “Gidion Keep” novels, Bill has worked as a 911 dispatcher for more than two decades. He also spent eight years working as a board member for James River Writers.

About West of Apocalypse:

Ayleen Torr was destined for greatness among the Knights of the Way until thirteen traitors destroyed it all and murdered her parents. Having survived by a trick of the Fates, Ayleen hunts the darkest corners of the cosmos for the secret to killing her immortal enemies. The Thirteen know she’s coming for them and place an army in her path to stop her. Armed with a crystal sword bound to her soul, Ayleen will learn just how far she’s willing to compromise herself for revenge and that even in a galaxy where all is lost, there’s still plenty left to lose.

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Thanks for this amazing conversation, Bill! All the best!

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