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109. Maria C. Palmer | On the Rocks, nonprofit work, and writing about family

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Hi there,

Today I am so excited to be arts calling Maria C. Palmer! (

About our Guest: Maria Costanzo Palmer is a writer and Page Turner Award Finalist for her co-authored book On the Rocks (Koehler Books 8/8/23). She is also a regular co-moderator for the Food Is Religion Club on Clubhouse. She was a former host on L.A. Talk Radio. Maria was recently featured on Food and Beverage Magazine Live, a nationally syndicated podcast. Her writing has been published in OC87 Recovery Diaries, and she has made a number of media appearances. You can find Maria on FB and IG @joecostanzoprimadonna and on Twitter @mariacpalmer.


On the Rocks, now available for presale!

Thanks for this amazing conversation, Maria! All the best!

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