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104. Exodus Oktavia Brownlow | Essays, green forests, and finding your footing

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Hi there,

Today I am overjoyed to be arts calling Exodus Oktavia Brownlow! (

About our Guest:

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow is a writer, editor and creator currently residing in the enchanting pine tree forest of Blackhawk, Ms. She is a budding beekeeper, a rising seamstress who has perfected the French Seam by hand, and the future author of two book collections—a debut fiction chapbook called “Look at All the Little Hurts of These Newly-Broken Lives and The Bittersweet, Sweet and Bitter Loves” set to publish with Ethel Zine and Press in the Spring of 2023. As well as a debut book collection of essays called “I’m Afraid That I Know Too Much About Myself Now, To Go Back to Who I Knew Before, And Oh Lord, Who Will I Be After I’ve Known All That I Can” set to publish with ELJ Editions in the summer of 2023. Exodus’s favorite color is green.

Check out Exodus’ debut collection at ELJ Editions!:

Follow Exodus:

On Twitter @CoCo4AfroPuffs

On Instagram: @coocoo4afropuffs

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat, Exodus! All the best!

“Take your time. There’s no need to resent the creative process.”

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