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Ep 96 Laurie Marshall | Flash fiction, exploring forms, and the beauty of yearning

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Hi there,

Today I’m so overjoyed to be arts calling Laurie Marshall! (

About our Guest:

Laurie Marshall is an award-winning writer and artist in Northwest Arkansas. Her debut flash fiction collection is coming in April 2023 from ELJ Editions. Her words and art have been published in print and digital literary journals and included in anthologies including Snow Crow from AdHoc FictionMid/South Anthology from Belle Point Press and Best Small Fictions 2022. Current projects include a memoir and novella, both written in flash stories, a prose collaboration with her late grandmother’s poetry and preparing for a five-day bike ride from Pittsburgh to DC. One of these is way more intimidating than the others. 

Proof of Life, now available for pre-order from ELJ Editions!

Laurie on Instagram:

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Check out Laurie’s Collage Work at Collage & Coffee on Instagram!

Shout out to Más Libritos Bookstore in Springdale, Arkansas: a Latina-owned pop up indie bookstore!

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