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Ep 91 Patrick Lugo | Comics, Kung Fu, and an illustrator’s life

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Hi there,

Today I’m thrilled to be arts calling Patrick Lugo! (

About our Guest: Patrick Lugo is a freelance illustrator, comics artist and writer is also Senior Designer of & Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine. His self-published graphic novel A TIGER’s TALE was funded on kickstarter overnight. The 2021 anthology Speculative Fiction for Dreamers included a comic which Publisher’s Weekly called “A Knock Out.” Patrick illustrated the chapter book LUCY VELOZ: HIGH-FLYING PRINCESS in 2020. Subscribe to his Newsletter for exclusive webcomics, behind-the-scene and other musings. Plus you can buy merchandise ranging from cellphone cases to shower curtains on

Be sure to stop by Patrick’s livestreams over at the Comics Fu Show on YouTube!

You can find Patrick on Twitter: @PLUGO or Instagram: @PLUGOarts

Thank you both so much for taking the time to chat, Patrick! All the best!!

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Go make a dent: much love,


Enjoy a few samples courtesy of Patrick!!

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