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Ep. 82 Bri Stokes | Curating, becoming a managing editor, and amplifying the marginalized

Hi there,

Today I am excited to be arts calling Bri Stokes!

About our guest:

Bri is a writer, poet, producer, curator and editor who hails from South Central Los Angeles. She served as Assistant Art Editor for the London-based Hecate Magazine, and as Poetry Editor at Storyteller’s Refrain. She is also the Managing Editor of SKEW Magazine, an independently owned and operated Black and Queer Arts & Dialogue magazine. Her writing has been featured in various publications, such as BuzzFeed, Visual Verse and The Myriad. Currently, Bri is a student of journalism at UCLA.

My IG is:


IG for SKEW is:

Thank you for your time, Bri! All the best and happy writing!

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