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Ep. 73 Rhonda Parker | Word slinger, fanfiction, and creative collaboration

Hi there,

Today I am so happy to be arts calling Rhonda Parker!

About our Guest:

Rhonda Parker is a storyteller who slings a variety of words and ideas from her desk in Appalachia. Evernote and Google Docs are her constant companions and eternal scribes. Overthinking is both her superpower and her curse.

Rhonda writes speculative fiction in various formats, on her Story Blog, Twitter, and in published books. She posts writing and gaming videos to her YouTube channel, as well as full cast audio productions including narrations, audio roleplays, audio dramas, and audiobooks.

When she’s not crafting a story, or putting together a project, Rhonda can be found gaming, reading, or trying to make her friends laugh.

All of my books, the audio series, my social media, etc. are listed on my Linktree page:

And be sure to check out her work on YouTube!

Endgame: A Zombie Novelette

Audiobook (free on YouTube) –
Links for Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo –

Renegade’s Shadow (Audio Roleplay)
Playlist on YouTube –

Thanks for joining me on the show, Rhonda! All the best!

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