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Ep. 44 Taccara Martin | A healing journey, relationship coaching, and a podcast to inspire

Hi there,

Thrilled to be arts calling Taccara the Creator!

Taccara Martin is the epitome of the term “multi-hyphenate.” As a marketer, content creator, podcast editor/producer, and author, she has fallen in love with stories and their ability to connect people to each other. She wanted to create content that educated and inspired women through their healing journey, using her life and story as a template, along with the books written with her husband, Kenyon Martin. With a childhood upbringing in theatre and acting, she has endeavored to add script-writer and voice actress to her list of growing skills, as the writer and lead voice actress of Unmasked.

About the Unmasked Podcast:
Unmasked is an entertaining, scripted podcast where listeners will journey with Kenya as she tries to make sense of her career, love life, and her failures—through the lens of her therapist. Check it out here:

Visit Ask the Martins Relationship Coaching:

Taccara on Twitter:

Thanks so much for this wonderful conversation, Taccara! All the best!

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