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Ep. 26 David Rosenthal | Writing in meter, teaching, and other misplaced things

Hi there,

National Poetry Month Extravaganza continues! Today I am arts calling David Rosenthal!

As a poet:
David Rosenthal is the author of The Wild Geography of Misplaced Things (White Violet Press).  His poems and translations have appeared in print and online in _Measure Review, The Rising Phoenix Review, Teachers & Writers Magazine, Raintown Review, Unsplendid, Birmingham Poetry Review, Modern Haiku, Umbrella, _and several other journals. He has been a Pushcart Prize Nominee, a Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award Finalist, and a Soul-Making Keats Sonnet Prize winner.

As a Teacher:
David Rosenthal has been a credentialed public schoolteacher and instructional coach for the past twenty years.  He has served on multiple site and district committees and task forces, and has been a teacher leader in math, language arts, and social emotional learning.  He has designed and delivered professional development in multiple content areas, and is an experienced coach of new and veteran teachers.

Purchase The Wild Geography of Misplaced Things: Rosenthal, David: 9780615817217: Books

Check out more of David’s work available online here:
David Rosenthal Poems and Publications – David Rosenthal Poet and Teacher (

Thanks so much for coming on the show, David!

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