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Ep. 12 Oscar Moreno | Screenwriting, low-budget filmmaking, and redefining border stories

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Today I am arts calling Oscar Moreno from InkFilms! A great conversation with an outstanding talent, who is writing and directing films on the US/Mexico border with an incredibly refreshing perspective. A pleasure talking with you, my friend. Te deseo lo mejor en todos tus proyectos!

I’m an optioned bilingual Mexican writer and filmmaker from the U.S./Mexico border. My life here has taken me from witnessing the horrors of violence to the joy of seeing its survivors lead happy lives, and experiencing what it’s like to be a musician and to soak up the moments of love and weirdness you can find here. My passion for storytelling has stemmed from filmmaking and impacted different aspects of my life. I’m mainly focused on writing and making the kinds of gritty and mesmerizing thrillers, horror movies and sci-fi that I’d stay up watching late at night as a teenager. But I also love powerful drama and believe all of these flavors can be combined and provide an exciting experience for audiences. These are the stories I love telling and seeing because they most closely resemble what I’ve experienced and witnessed living on the border, and this is what fuels me to bring unique, fresh perspectives to stories about this part of the world or about the kinds of people I’ve met here and can find anywhere. I feel they are necessary now more than ever.

My prose work has appeared in the New York Times, Somos en Escrito, Levadura, The Wire’s Dream Magazine, The Seattle Star and the Rio Grande Review. I am working on different projects with various producers, including Julio Abad of Autumn Leave Films, and Simon Warne and Luc Bégin of Triality World. I’ve had my scripts optioned by the likes of Showdown Productions.

For Oscar’s outstanding work for the page and screen, please visit:
Be sure to stop by Oscar’s Twitter as well! @InkFilmsInc89

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